"Watching Over You" T-Shirt Design for WeLoveFine Steven Universe Design Contest 2.

 Full version of "Watching Over You" T-Shirt Design Contest Entry.

 "Giant Woman" Illustration fanart from Steven Universe.

 Freelance Poster for San Fernando Valley Roller Derby League

Logo designs for SFVRD Reseda Wreckers. *Design not final*

"Pirate Girl" Character Turnaround.

"Slime Monster" concepts for SCAD Student Game Designer Macauley Hooper.

"Jugs McJuicy" Costume Concepts for YouTube series The Protectors. 

Page 3 of "Agent Red"
Page 4 of "Agent Red"


Page 1 of Pokemon fan comic. 

Background design for Jordan Battle's student film "Youth!" 

Background Design for Jordan Battle's student film "Youth!"

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